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As I got older I began working there during the summer. Let’s start with the boring stuff. The second year working there I met this extremely cute girl named Megan. mature women I’m currently 23 and this story happened when I was 17. I’d like to start with the day I lost my virginity and then if there is still interest just continue on through the years.

Unfortunately the second week came to a close before anything serious could happen but luckily Megan only lived about 45 minutes away from me. Over the next month or hot mature women woman so we continued texting and slowly the texts grew dirtier and dirtier until it morphed into her calling me so I could hear her moans as she fingered herself to the thought of me being inside her.

Over the two weeks she was there we got to know each other really well to the point where our coworkers began making fun of us but mature women photos also telling us to keep it low key in front of the kids. Her runner’s legs gave way to a smaller, but very grabbable, ass. As the flirting evolved it didn’t take long before we were sneaking away and hiding out to make out.

She immediately began showing me around her house which was absolutely massive. Like all horny teenagers do we went to her bedroom and started kissing hard and fast mature women on her bed. Her parents were at the store so we had a little bit of alone time for maybe 20 minutes. I quickly pulled her shirt off, trying for the first time to get a glimpse of the tits that had been on my mind for the past month.

I didn’t bother with the bra clasp but instead just pulled the front down and immediately began kissing and sucking on her nipple while she softly moaned in my ear. My name is Ryan and I’m about 6’4" with a strong build and blonde hair with blue eyes that I like to call my best feature. As she undid the zipper her mouth began kissing down my neck and started kissing the head of my dick.

Megan was pretty short, about 5’3" with big blue eyes and boobs that could not be hidden. Her exploring hands quickly found my rock hard erection and she began tugging and playing with it through my shorts. I continued grabbing her ass while she alternated between kissing and sucking my erection. She quickly grabbed her shirt and ran into the bathroom while I pulled up my pants and just sat on the edge of the bed.

Suddenly I heard a door open downstairs and Megan froze and looked at me. " I stood up and shook her hand, my boner tucked safely in my waistband. I got there around 9 in the morning and as I got out of my car I was greeted with her arms around my neck and the deepest kiss I may have ever had.

For the next couple of hours we hung around the house. She was amazing as her tongue swirled around my head and she slowly began going deeper and deeper. I heard her parents coming up the stairs and with my heart still pounding and my dick still very erect, her mom poked her head in the door "Oh hi there. I slid my hand down the back of her pants and found that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, suddenly I was even more turned on if that was possible.

Every year since I was a young kid I went to this stay away camp where you went hiking, swimming and all of that fun shit you see in movies. Megan came out of the bathroom and greeted her mom. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and I decided to drive up to her house to spend the day with her.

The entire time I kept my eyes transfixed on her ass as it swayed back and forth in front of me. Watching TV and playing games and sneaking away every chance we got to make out and grope and suck. It wasn’t until about 1 that Megan’s mom suggested we go on a hike on the hill behind their house. It was about Milfs 30 – Free Pictures Of Nude Older Women - a thirty minute hike to the top but the trail was only wide enough for one person.

We readily agreed and set off. When we reached the top there was a small clearing and then a large cluster of trees and bushes. I had both hands firmly grabbing her ass when she whispered in my ear "I want you inside of me". She started kissing my neck and biting on my ear, a huge turn on for me.

She grabbed my hand and led me over to the bushes. Her moans were vibrating my dick in her mouth and making it almost unbearable. I didn’t need to be told twice. I grabbed her arms and pulled her up. I was again reminded that she wasn’t wearing any underwear and began incessantly kissing her inner thighs. On the other side of the small grove was an oversized cement bench overlooking the city below.

It took her all of thirty seconds to grab my hair and pull me into her dripping pussy. Her moans grew increasingly louder and louder until I felt her whole body begin to shake. I made quick work of her shirt and bra as she pulled off my shirt and undid my zipper.

I sat down next to her as she breathed heavily and smiled at me. I slowly licked her clit at first, pushing her legs up towards her chest to get a better angle. She grabbed my raging erection and slowly lowered herself onto it and started slowly rocking back and forth riding me. She turned and sat on the bench as I slid down her athletic shorts. She got offer the bench and onto her knees in front of me and took me in her mouth again while I grabbed and pinched her boobs.

"Come here I want to taste myself" and we started making out heavily again. I nibbled softly on both lips and slid my tongue deep inside of her. She swallowed every last bit and quickly kissed me again. I didn’t want to blow my load just yet so I picked her up and bent her over the bench and did my best to pound her without making her hit her head on the bench.

She quickly picked up speed and started going harder and harder. I sat down and without hesitation she straddled me. I never did get to hang out with Megan again but it was truly a first time I will never forget. "
She pulled me out of her and turned around onto her knees and put her mouth on the head of my dick while quickly stroking it with her hand until I started shooting into her throat.

I grabbed her leg and threw it over mine so she was straddling me again. If you guys are interested I would be honored to entertain you with more of my exploits. From this angle I had an amazing view of her ass and I couldn’t take it much longer. But for now, thanks for reading.

We realized that we had probably been on this hike for way too long for her mom to not be suspicious so we went back to her house and hung out for a little while longer before I had to leave.


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I had a class with her at college and we got to talking sitting next to each other. Yet again another story from college. It was a 'sign yourself in' attendance policy so we exchanged phone numbers in case one of us ever wanted to skip beautiful mature women nudes class the other could sign them in. These things were huge. They can't all be winners. She had my weakness-giant tits. That and i wanted to fuck her for some reason.

She was a brunette a little on the taller side for a female and maybe about 165 170 lbs. It was a week night and surprise surprise I was horny. I don't know why they turned me on-but they did-whatever. Probably about 10 o clock. Outside of that she was genuinely just not that attractive. The type of hookup that you keep to yourself.

She told me she was out but was on her way back and would stop at my house on the way. I don't remember exactly how the conversation went but probably something to the effect of 'horny. I had heard rumors that she was kind of a freak and I wanted to see what this little piggy had to offer.

The only other thing she had working for her were these toned calves. I was looking at internet porn jerking off when Kristin texted me out of the blue asking what I was up to. 11:00 my dick looks like a red mike and ike. 10:15 she's not there yet. If i stopped or came I was going to back out and not fuck this amazonian cum bucket.

FINALLY over an hour later she shows up. Two of my roommates are home in their bedrooms with their doors closed but mature women woman pics they'll hear somebody come through the front door for sure. I knew I had to keep jerking off. I had been texting her for eta updates this whole time and she just kept telling me she was almost there.

I'm pretty sure she knows at this point my feelings towards her. 10:45 my dick's starting to hurt. At this point my head is swimming. I tell her to come through the back door quietly. She decides to get all 'proud female' on me and says no and comes in loudly through the front door stomping her shrek feet up the stairs.

We get to fooling around and she starts fucking critiquing me! She finally unveils them. What I've been waiting for. Second of all-whatever you still look mature women like jaba the huts daughter. Whatever come in here. She rates my kissing a 6/10. I am too horny and do not care about this girl enough for mature women foreplay. We go back and forth about me putting on a condom-finally an argument that I win.

I start putting my dick in and this girl is dryer than pre cooked oatmeal. She starts talking dirty-I like that. They almost didn't feel real. My dick is chaffed and my dick head is so swollen it looks like darth vaders helmet. I literally slid in and out of her maybe five times.

They're pretty awesome. I over 30 milf pull my dick out and try to think of something to justify why I'm cumming immediately. " As if I'm some sort of sexual addonis from 1972 that will be able to just slide right back in her and keep fucking -_- I unload a comical amount of semen on to this girls body.

I get maybe 3 pumps in and it's like a dam opens up-her pussy just floods and at the same time she says to me "Yea you gonna fuck me and cum all over these big tits? All I can think to say is "here comes the first one! The levees had failed and her jumbo cans were getting target practice. Then I'm spent afterwards and I don't want to be touched or looked at for 24 hours.

But I have just unloaded all of my semen onto her and my dick looks like it just want a round with ronda rousey. Now usually in like ten fifteen minutes I'll be able to go for a second round. Reality comes crashing in hard. I feel like I'm fucking sand paper. I don't even fucking know this girl. Her body was new orleans and I was hurricane katrina.

" Those two things combined with the fact that I've been edging for the last hour and a half mean that this sex is ending. She stays for like a half hour or so-I'm exhausted. I have to mature women see her in class tomorrow. She looks like miss piggy with autism. So here this fat girl is sucking my limp dick on a tuesday night.

That she fucked this guy who lasted a literal ten seconds. She finally gives up and I can only imagine what she told her friends. My roommates know about this. I'm sure they still have a laugh about it to this day at their fat bitches anonymous meetings. I think at one point even she tried giving me head to bring my dick back to life.

[11 comments] She finally left and we never really talked again afterwards. There is no way he is coming back to life tonight.


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You nude mature women over 50 had told me to be silent so I didn't say a word but my heart was pounding as you lead me into chilled darkness. My rose blushing nipples showed through the thin bodice and the skirt was thin as a veil, but my skin felt hot with rushing blood as you pressed me abruptly against the rough cement wall and let your hand trace my lines in the dark.

I could see nothing, could smell only damp, could feel your breath warm like a furnace, your fingers tracing chilled bumps onto my skin. I wore an old fashioned lacey white nightgown with your jacket over my shoulders and white lace thigh high stockings with a pale pink garter.

I could feel my heart beating the walls of my chest and vibrating up to my eardrums, my head felt hot and dizzy as you approached. You were solemn and serious as you lead me to a haunting hollow open tomb, all grey and ancient at the edge of the mass of burial plots. The burnt fir scent of the air froze on our lips.

Your intensity was palpable as you lit a single candle and set it on a ledge. You used a silk ribbon to tie my hands and slid my skirt up, baring the white smooth skin of my full ass to the icy night. I closed my eyes and waited for your touch, but felt none. I looked back and saw the final glint of your face and the candle as you blew it out.

I leaned over the granite table, grimacing as my nipples milf pussy pictures scraped the gritty surface and a piece of my outfit's fabric caught and ripped. I felt the frozen harvest air sampling my hot center and let out a light moan as you finally slid a warm finger between my legs, pressing up against my pink lace panties and then back up the smooth line of fabric to my ass.

The moon hung itself ominously on a black backdrop as we trudged through the wet grass and cracking headstones in a derelict cemetery. For a moment, nothing happened. You pulled my panties down and let your open hand explore my thick thighs and ass. You let me wait in anticipation and my heart raced with fear.

The light cast shadows over a sinister grin and I started to doubt my absolute trust in you as you walked towards me with focused deliberation. Subconsciously, I ground back into your touch. A hard slap, and you'd rub my mature women clit. You slapped the full, firm flesh and I cried out in protests which soon turned mature women to moans when your fingers delicately traced my eager wet lips.

You tortured me, I loved it. I bit my lip and gasped. You continued your game. The skin on my ass was tingling with sharp pain but you kept slapping, grabbing, licking, rubbing. A swift spanking, and your tongue flicked over my ass. My sweet dripping pussy was throbbing with desire and as you slid two fingers inside, I transcended this iced over tomb to a place of instinct and carnal urge.

You cupped my chin in your hands in a surprisingly loving way and almost growled, "put your hands behind your back, and bend over," as you gestured to an open ledge in the mature women center of the naked old woman room. You grabbed my hair at the scalp and held me there, a gasping, moaning slut slave. Your voice made only hungry grunts as you relentlessly teased my aching pussy with your fingers and batted your tongue over my ass, making the tight little hole contract and shiver.

I lost control and started begging for you under my breath. When you returned, I felt cold sharp steel against my spine before anything else. A small dagger pressed into my skin just enough to make my breath turn jagged and my blood race thin with adrenaline. I groaned and leaned into my hips, pleading for relief for moments that felt like hours.

The wetness dripped down your arm and I was in torturous ecstasy, my head back, my mouth held open in rapt anticipation, pressing into your hand with urgency. I closed eyes and started to say how much I savored this, but your hand clamped over my throat and you slowed your thrusts, pulled out and positioned the thick delicious head of your cock against my tight ass.

I moaned and leaned back into it, and you obliged me by thrusting deep into me with an immediate heated rhythm. I whimpered and braced myself to feel the sharp onslaught of you taking my ass with your rigid cock, but instead I was brought to new heights of delight as you teasingly slid the tip into my ass and then thrust deep into my begging pussy. You pulled back into the darkness and let the freeze porn of hot women midnight wash over my pale skin.

You thrust your rock hard cock slowly, deep into my ass with a loud moan and I was silenced. I was a sexy apparition, of course. I don't know how long this continued, slow hypnotic penetration. I was in ecstasy, cumming for the third time when you wrapped your arm around my neck and started fucking my ass with animal tenacity. I was crying out as you violently gave me what you knew I wanted, loving the feeling of your balls slapping my tender pussy.

You traced my shivering spine in quick strokes, down the crevice of my round ass in feather light strokes which lead down my labia and circled my clit. I gasped in pain as you thrust back but my pussy dripped down my thighs in response. I was panting and gasping and groaning with satiation but you did not wait. I felt the twitch of your cock fill me with luscious cum and moan with delight.

I reached back and slid two fingers inside, feeling you from the inside. I wanted to make you stop as fear flooded my mind but just as it was nearly too much, I felt the heated warmth of your godlike cock at the entrance of my dripping slit. I laid my head down on the gritty ledge and started tracing my clit hypnotically as you gave me your perfect cock in my ass.

I moaned for you to fill me up and that is when you let loose again, slamming into my tight ass and grasping my waist. You continued this in a rhythm as I rubbed my clit until I was screaming in pleasure and you felt me clench around you in an explosive orgasm.

You slowed your pace at this and I massaged you with a curved finger inside until you were rigid and gasping.


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mature female nudesI posted under a different ironman name up until recently. Some of the stories I posted over the last couple of years are gone forever from reddit, so I figured I would come back and start posting some naked old woman ones to make sure they aren't lost. I will post new stories as well when I have a chance. These stories are 100% true and not embellished in any way.

Hope you enjoy:
Like I've said in previous posts. (New Stories Will Come I Promise). I figured it would be fun to go back to my promiscuous (man-whore) days and recall some of the stories from back then. There was the occasional hello in the elevator, but nothing much more than that.

I walked out of my apartment and headed to the elevator with my bag full of dirty laundry. I got down to the basement where the laundry room was and there was a girl in there doing her laundry as well. Some of you might remember me. I deleted my account, because it got hacked.

I can be somewhat standoffish in general, so it’s not surprising that I hadn’t made a ton of friends with neighbors. I noticed she had very pretty eyes. I think that a straight honest story even if not as exciting at times is a bigger turn on, so that is what I will continue to try to give.

She reminded me a bit of Jessica Pare from Mad Men, but with ice blue eyes. She wasn’t exactly dressed to impress, which is understandable when doing laundry. I had lived in the apartment building for a couple of months, but hadn’t really met anyone else that lived there.

She looked skinny, about 5’7, looked about 25, brown hair, had on running shorts, a loose t-shirt, hair in a ponytail, glasses, and no makeup. She looked at me and I smiled and nodded before heading to the washing machine. I'm generally considered a really good-looking guy (used to model, 6’3", dark hair, blue eyes, swimmers build, workout regularly), so that enabled me to have quite a fun sex life.

I wasn’t looking like a million bucks either. We had payment cards that we loaded money on and had to slide into the machine for it to work, so I immediately thought that maybe I was doing something wrong. I kept trying and eventually I turned to her and asked if she knew what I was doing wrong. I tried a few more times and nothing. I had on glasses, a baseball cap, jeans, and a t-shirt. When we pushed the buttons for our floors I noticed she lived a floor above me.

She laughed at me for a second and tried to figure it out. She was cute, but I wasn’t blown away or anything. I felt like an idiot, but she thought it was funny so it was fine. Eventually she figured out that I was pulling the card out too soon, so it wasn’t reading it. She said it was always hot on hers.

I told her that it wasn’t. I saw her fidgeting and glancing at me. I loaded my laundry and tried turning the machine on and nothing happened. We were on the elevator for about ten awkward seconds of silence. I was terrible in situations like that with complete strangers.

Finally after an awkward pause I said, "glad I don’t live on your floor. I can read signals pretty well and it seemed like she was maybe interested and wanted to talk to me. I didn’t really know what to say after that. We both headed out to the elevator.

" What the fuck was I thinking? " We were at my floor, so I got off and said, "sorry, it was nice talking to you. I didn’t even say it in a joking tone. What kind of thing is that to say to an attractive girl? She broke the silence and asked if it was always hot on my floor. " She responded, "yeah, you too" and smiled somewhat awkwardly.

I was pissed that I blew an opportunity to meet an attractive girl that lives one floor above me. Meet the hot girl in your apartment building and then boom you have guaranteed hookups the rest of the time you live there. I’m glad I don’t live on your floor?

For the next few weeks I kept hoping I would run into her, so that I could redeem myself. I kept thinking about my interaction with her the rest of the night. It looked like that wasn’t going to happen for me since I am socially awkward at times with strangers. It was one of those opportunities every guy dreams of.

I turn to walk towards the elevators and I mature women woman pics see her walking towards the elevators and me. She just responded with, "umm thanks. I almost didn’t recognize her, because she just got off of work and had makeup on, her hair down, no glasses, a skirt, heels, and a blazer. I ran through a million different things that I could have said that would have been better than what I actually said.

I wasn’t even sure if she recognized me. I just said it as if I was truly glad I didn’t. Then one day I walked into the building after work and grabbed some mail out of my mailbox. When she did I could tell she recognized me. " I was thrust into this situation and now my brain was going a million miles per hour. I said, "Hey, how are you?

I looked a lot different too, no hat, no glasses, and I had on a suit. I tried going down to do my laundry around the same time each week, but no luck. " She laughed and said, "I’m so glad that you are growing up and becoming a man" before giving a playful wink.

She looked incredibly hot. I instantly felt panic inside, like, "fuck what am I going to say? I’m praying that no one else walks up to get on the elevator with us. I waited for her to look up and make eye contact with me. I asked her if her apartment was still so hot. This was going much better than the last time I spoke to her. You are only one floor below me.

" I chuckled and said, "get off on my floor and you can walk inside my apartment and feel how cool it is. We get off of the elevator and walk towards my apartment. The elevator arrives and we get on alone. She responded, "Yeah, unfortunately and I don’t believe you that yours isn’t. I open my door and we mature women walk inside. " She said, "Fine, deal" and laughed.

" I said, "I’ve actually managed to do my laundry without you the past few weeks. I actually felt comfortable and fairly on my game. She said, "It’s a compliment. I have no idea what my plan is at this point. They usually look like frat houses if they are single. She takes a couple of steps into the living area and says "wow, it actually is way cooler in here.

" I was actually single, but she didn’t know that. I just thought it might look like most guys’ apartments. She seemed instantly slightly flustered and said, "oh I mean…" I laughed and said, "It’s cool I am single.

" She said, "yeah, definitely single. " We were only standing about two feet from each other. I’m just planning on going with the flow I guess. " I said, "How do you know I’m single? When she said she was single we both kind of looked at each other. The sexual tension was rising and it felt like a make-or-break moment. " A big smile came over her face and she said, "I’m doing really well.

" She smiled a big smile and responded, "Will do. " She seemed relieved and smiled. "
I closed the door behind her and looked up in the air like, "holy shit. She kind of sighed and snapped out of it and said, "I should head up to my apartment. " That was one of the most sexually tense moments I’ve ever felt.

" As she was walking towards the door I said, "If you get too hot up there later you should come back down. I knew she was on the 8th floor, but didn’t know which apartment. I realized a few minutes later that I hadn’t even gotten her number and didn’t even know her name. I tried to go about my night.

" I responded, "Whoa what does that mean? It was probably better that I didn’t know which apartment she lived in, because I probably would have run up there five minutes later and knocked on her door. I wondered what she was doing upstairs. It was about 11pm, so I started getting ready for bed. I had to rely on her actually coming back by my apartment or running into her again. I really didn’t think it was her.

I made dinner, watched a movie on Netflix, thought about watching porn and jacking off, but didn’t because what I really wanted was to have sex with her. I wondered if she was fantasizing about me as well. " She then says, "Your apartment is a lot nicer and more adult than I thought it would be.

I look out the door and see that it is her. I walked over to the door and cracked it, because all I had on was a pair of gym shorts with no underwear. As I am brushing my teeth I hear a knock on my apartment door. I found out that she had gone to dinner with some coworkers and had a couple of drinks. My cock was rock hard and I had a million thoughts about her running through my mind.

She was probably debating it for a while. She has a sheepish look on her face and said, "Hey, sorry I probably shouldn’t have come down here, but ya know it’s hot up there. She got home about twenty minutes before she came down to my apartment. I thought maybe it was the maintenance guy or something.

" I could tell it took a lot of courage for her to come down. I felt as if we were seconds from ripping each other’s clothes off, but we just couldn’t quite do it. I really just wanted to say hi. I just felt a little overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. She said, "I’m sorry if I interrupted you going to bed. I let her in and apologized for only having a pair of shorts on.

When she came to mature women my door she still had on her work clothes. She said, "it is quite all right" and kind of bit her lip as she looked at me shirtless. " I said, "uhhh yeah" and laughed. We both sat down on my couch. I didn’t even tell you my name I was so flustered. We kissed for a few minutes and she was breathing heavily. We looked into each other’s eyes and I leaned in and kissed her.

" I told her my name and I said, "It’s totally fine I understand. I felt like I left abruptly earlier. I was a little flustered as well. I ran my hand up high on her thigh and had it slightly under the side of her skirt. My rock hard cock was apparent since I was only wearing gym shorts. She glanced down and said, "oh my god.

" That fleeting reflection on her carefree behavior didn’t stop her. They felt pretty big for as skinny as she was. We began kissing passionately. We began kissing deeply again. She stands up and takes her shirt off and unclasps her bra.

I couldn’t really tell before due to the blazer and the loose t-shirt that I had seen her in before. She wanted to fuck me as bad as I wanted to fuck her. She began running her hands all over my bare chest and stomach. It’s Abbie by the way.

I lick up her stomach to her chest and start teasing her nipples. I was running my hands up and down her back and slid one down to her thigh. Her beautiful tits are out in the open now. They were about a C cup. She shivers and moans as I do this. I pull her panties to the side from the back and slide one of my fingers in her pussy.

She is standing and I am sitting on the edge of the couch. She is overcome by the sensation of my body interacting with hers. I lick and suck on each one. Her ass is nice and toned, but not huge and definitely not small. I wondered in the moments before if she was going to stop things down, but this signaled that she was not stopping and wanted the exact opposite.

I pull her panties down and continue to fuck her with my fingers. I slipped her blazer off of her and began rubbing her tits from outside of her shirt. I have an amazing view and I’m just sitting back and starting at her ass and pussy bent over in front of me with her skirt hiked up her back. I drop my shorts and she turns back to look.

At the same time I have lifted her skirt up and have both hands on her ass. She lets go of my cock and I slide it in her pussy from behind. She turns around and bends over the coffee table as an attempt to give me easier access to pleasure her.

She yelps and says, "Oh damn! " I begin sliding my cock slowly in and out of her. " I’m sliding my finger slowly in and out of her as I suck on her nipples. You could hear her wetness with each slow stroke my cock made. I continue to slide slowly in and out of her for a few minutes as she moans. I have three fingers in her pussy and I’m going in and out of her hard. I can see her face slightly from the side and she has her eyes closed and mouth slightly open.

She grabs my cock and strokes it a couple of times. I didn’t want to give in that easily though, so I tried to control it. She guides it and me a couple of feet over to her pussy and rubs it up against it and moans loudly. She released my cock from her mouth and got up and straddled me. I grab her hips and slam her up and down and we are synched into a quick rhythm. She wasn’t interested in going slow now.

She dropped between my legs and began sucking her wetness off of my cock. I was getting close to cumming, but I started feeling her building up as well and didn’t want to ruin it. She is having an orgasm on my cock and it’s beautiful. She stared up at me with her ice blue eyes as she did this and I swear I almost busted right then.

She collapsed onto me and just sat still for a minute with my cock still in her. After a few minutes she starts screaming before she goes silent and mature women then starts shaking. After a minute she said, "okay, let’s keep going. I slid my cock in her pussy again from behind and knew it wouldn’t take much longer for me to cum.

As the minutes pass she begins moaning louder and louder. " She got up off of my cock and I led her over to the side of the couch and bent her over the arm of it. She gushed as she orgasmed and my couch cushion was soaked in one spot. She didn’t seem to care and was just enjoying the moment. The position was beginning to get slightly uncomfortable, so we got up and I sat back on the couch.

After a few minutes she starts reaching back and trying to grab my dick through my shorts. I started pounding her from behind and she moaned loudly. I kept slamming in and out of her until I started losing control a couple of minutes later and pulled out.

She started bouncing frantically up and down on my cock. I hadn’t had sex in a while and hadn’t jacked off in like a week, so it was a huge load. I walked around and lied down on the couch. She was draped over the arm of the couch and her face was almost right in the wet spot she left on the cushion.

I found out that she was moving to a city a couple of hours away in about four months for work. It kind of turned me on that I came on her skirt. She lay beside me and we just talked about life for about an hour. Also, if you are a female and live near me you should send me a message.

Might be a long shot, but would be cool/interesting to have sex with someone that enjoys my stories and then becomes a story haha

ironman0002 Since she was moving away soon we decided to just keep our relationship strictly fun. I was getting tired, so she decided to head to her apartment. We hooked up about two to three times a week for the next few months.

I shot a ton of cum all over her ass and up her back onto her skirt. I thought about her having to take it to the cleaners or wash it herself later on and that she would have to think about us having sex.


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For her entire time at college, Bailey made extra money by being a model for the art classes. As I was zipping myself back up, Bailey turned on me, grabbed my face, and planted one hell of a kiss right on me, moaning into my mouth. As luck would have it, that just happened to be her next appointment.

I grinned like an idiot and left about a minute later. A short walk across the quad and we were at the small art building. While she was gone, the professor and I chit-chatted about how I'd wanted to go into illustration once upon a time, and she invited me to sit in on the class. "I can feel you dripping out of me," she whispered in my ear before leaving.

As some of you may know, that involves being naked most of the time. Bailey introduced me as 'the boyfriend' and went to change, or rather strip and put on a robe. She nonchalantly dropped her robe and stepped up on the table in the center of the room, striking a few poses a minute for warm up sketches.

She required very little instruction, and was obviously completely comfortable. We hurriedly collected ourselves, replacing the few garments that we'd bothered to dishevel. The fact that this incredible sex goddess, who I had literally just fucked to a nearly screaming orgasm, was now posing nude in front of two dozen people sent my mind reeling.

I, on the other hand, was doing mental back flips. I couldn't help but wonder if any of the front row could see a drop of my cum rolling down the inside of her thigh, or the slick sheen of her juices coating her shaved lips. After a few minutes of moving around, the professor had her sit down so that on leg was bent up and the other to her side, then draped the cloth covering the table over her shoulder.

Five minutes later, Bailey came back into the studio and I took a seat in the back of the class. cloth, and creating continual depth along her legs. By this point she'd been doing this for a year and it showed. The pose created some complex challenges, like differentiating skin vs. It also added the perk of showing off her slit to a few select people.

I was slightly to her left, so her thigh was blocking my view. Just a few lucky students in the front row, right in the center would be able to see every inch of her incredible pussy. Had she cleaned up and put her mind to the task, making her lips tight and beautifully compact? I mused that when she got up, the cloth under her might have a wet spot from our combined juices.

Was she still aroused, now spread open and glistening? I definitely noticed a few looks from customers as I met her at the front of the shop. Would they be professional enough to study the incredible cunt that I'd just fucked, slick, open, and wanting more?

I had to wonder what she looked like. Sadly, I wasn't one of them. The class was three hours long, and she was asked to change her pose twice an hour. I kept pace pretty well for having not drawn professionally in a few years, but the entire time my mind was on Bailey, and not in an academic way. When the professor called the class to an end, it was a massive relief. After a few minutes went by, my conversation with the professor started to get strained.

Bailey casually re-robed herself and left to get dressed again. Would they unknowingly sketch my cum oozing out of her? Those on her right would be blocked by the draped cloth over her shoulder. Better yet, I thought, would the students draw her slick lips? Just before I reached the door though, I heard my name being whispered from behind me.

Bailey still hadn't come back, so I made an excuse to go make sure she was okay. I took a cursory glance behind me to check that no students were about to leave, but the classroom was pretty much empty by this point. I turned to see Bailey peaking out from a door.

On the other side of the door was a small closet, sparsely filled with shelves and supplies. Of course, I had no idea beautiful nude mature women where I was going, so I took to just walking the halls. Only her face was visible, and she was wearing a huge grin. With that, I hurried over to the door and hopped in. I didn't pay much attention to that, though, as Bailey was completely naked, her cloths still folded on a nearby chair and her robe pooled at her feet.

Meanwhile, the professor took an interest in how I'd done, commenting on technique and how I'd progressed from the beginning of the class. I groaned, threading my fingers through her hair. "I couldn't focus at all," I said, "all I could think about was my cum leaking out of you in front of everyone. Her hands dropped to my pants, frantically undoing them as she struggled to keep kissing me.

In the end, it wasn't that large a building and I found myself circling back to the art room. "That was so fucking hot! " she whispered as she pulled my cock out, quickly dropping to her knees to shove it down her throat. I quickly sat down, then guided her to straddle me.

My eyes rolled back into my head and I chuckled as she took me back in for a few quick bobs. "I felt it drip out at least twice. Without a word, she guided my cock into her and sank all the way down. While she clung to me, nibbling and biting my neck, I started to rock her back and forth on my lap, feeling her wetness almost immediately coat my thighs.

"It did," she grinned mischievously, now kissing up mature women nudes and down my length, her tongue making contact with every full kiss. She let groaned loudly, only half muffling it in my neck. Her sweet smell filled the room and drove me crazy.

I remember the small closet, really no bigger than a department store changing room, smelled intensely like sex in no time. "Come here," she whispered, shoving all of her cloths off of the chair, not caring that they landed in a messy pile on the floor. "
"Did it turn you on to know that everyone knew you'd just been fucked?

She leaped on me as soon as the door was closed, wrapping her arms around my neck and shoving her tongue into my mouth. " Her grip tightened on me,"That I'd just made you cum all over my cock? " she whispered into my ear, digging her nails into my scalp.

She was gasping with every shift of my cock inside of her, then quicker and quicker until she was just frantically panting, clutching me as tight as she could. In no time, she started to bounce up and down my whole length, quickly working up to slamming herself down on me. It was actually an act of self preservation, but I shot a hand over her mouth.

" she finally screamed. Her eyes rolled back into her head, the extra sensation of having her own cum smeared over her mouth mid orgasm taking her to new heights. Her whole body shuddered around me, gripping me tighter and tighter. The one that had been nude adult mature women fingering her clit, now covered in her own juices. I slipped a hand between us and began rolling her clit with my middle finger, making her seize.

Her hips were flying frantically now. " I asked, raising an eyebrow. " she finally said, still lazily rocking on my lap. She smirked, feigning embarrassment. "
I couldn't help but smile. "
She bit her lip, taking a second for an internal debate before finally standing up off of me.

As she started to come down, shivering around my length, her tongue slipped out to lick my fingers clean, eventually just taking them into her mouth. I don't know, there weren't many students, but we should probably get going just in case.

"You made me do it, so yeah, us. I mused that half of my stomach and thighs were also drenched, but I wasn't going to ask for a tongue bath. As I was about to sexy old woman get up, one of her hands pushed me back into the chair and her head dipped down into my lap, taking as much porn pics of older women my cock, covered in her own cum, into her mouth as she could.

"Did you like showing off your freshly fucked pussy? She sucked the top clean, then licked further down where she hadn't reached. "Think mature women anyone heard us? "I didn't get any of your cum," she said once she was satisfied.


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So this girl, Beth, was pretty shy and she thought she was a little chubby, but I thought she was perfect. Ill send some pics of her via old naked women PM if I like your message. So you know the drill. Got a request for my fave girl that I used to fuck. When I asked her out, she told me she would but she had a boyfriend and that she also saw me with another girl, older mature women pictures etc. We were both wrapping up MBAs and had two classes together.

Of course, I thought she was teasing me. It surprised and excited me because I hadnt seen her wear something really sexy before. Im into busty redheads (as well as busty blondes, brunettes, etc) but something about curvy and stacked redheads makes me crazy. Anyway, what Im trying to say is that she didnt have the highest self-esteem where as I am a cocky asshole who is physically fit.

So when I started talking to her during grad school, she seemed shy and surprised. I actually had a hand in breaking up her engagement, but maybe it was for the best for her. I thought that would never end. I decided to hit on her hard after class. One spring day its actually warm out and Beth is wearing this super tight stretchy little dress that shows off her huge tits.

"Did I say the class was making me crazy? She could feel me looking at her because she looked over at me and smiled. Because I think actually you were. "Do you still have a bf? You look amazing, Beth! you are making me blush" she laughed. she was driving me crazy. I was going to say something bad.

"Did you forget my name there. "Something inappropriate" I said. "Yeah, I was going to say I only have one busty redhead named Beth. "I have lots pictures of sexy milf girls that are friends but only one. "So should we go to the library and study for the test or do you have to go?

The test is in two weeks. I really thought she was when she dropped her pen and leaned over in front of me. Do you still have a girlfriend? since we cant go out on a date or anything. She flipped her pretty red hair back so I could get a better view of her tits, or maybe not. So its your only chance to hang out with me. "You might not look this beautiful in two weeks, plus I might not be able to then.

We cracked the book for about ten minutes and took some notes before the flirting got too much and we both knew what we wanted. I kissed her and she looked at the window to see if anyone was around and then she kissed me back. We made out for a few minutes and I started feeling up her tits through her dress.

Someone walked by the window and we stopped. I leaned in to kiss her. "Were you hard when I caught you looking at me in class? "When do you not say something inappropriate? the chair was wet because my dress is short. Yeah, that was pretty boring" she said. "Let me see your panties.

She had on orange, lacy panties and I could see the wet spot. She looked around and spread her legs and hiked up her skirt. "I got so wet during class. Three years later, I see her at a restaurant in our old college town.

Her boyfriend went to get drinks at mature women gallery the bar while they were waiting for a table and we talked for a few minutes. "We obviously cant do this. It took a few minutes of convincing but she was laughing and deep down wanted to be a bad girl, because she said yes, and we went to the library and into a secluded study room.

So I texted her (this is now the iphone era) and asked if she wanted to get a drink sometime after work. We both live in the same city but we both happened to be doing an event for the college. Because he wasnt just the boyfriend now, he was her fiance. So I figured she was down to fuck now, which confused me because she wasnt back then and she has more to lose now with her relationship.

I was really surprised when she suggested we should go out sometime and gave me her number. sounds really bad now. Her boyfriend called her Nokia flip phone, we left the library, and that was the end of our little thing, or so I thought. She had only been with two guys and her fiance was her high school sweetheart.

She was having doubts and second thoughts about many things. She said yes and said Friday night is totally open because her fiance will be away for the weekend. Sounds like you have too. We went back to my place and I teased her for almost an hour. To make a long conversation really short: She regretted not hooking up with me. And therein was the crux of the encounter. I got her out of her dress and had her suck my cock as I sat on the couch.

Im so wet now" she said. She came twice before she even took off her little black dress and panties. I wined and dined her and flirted with her all night. I sucked her big perfect tits and licked and sucked her soaking wet pussy with her panties pushed to the side before I finally ripped them off her when she came for the second time.

I moved it to the bedroom where I fucked her missionary and really pounded her wet pussy until she screamed. Her long red hair kept getting in her face and I pulled it back and had her get on all fours on the couch as I fucked her from behind. I shot a thick load all over her tits and she let the cum slide off before licking and cleaning her tits with her tongue.

She said she wanted me to cum all over her tits so I fucked mature women female porn her from behind for a few minutes until i felt like I was going to blow and then I had her suck my cock for awhile and beg for my cum. I felt like I was going to blow so I had her sit on top and ride me until she came again after 5 minutes of riding and me grabbing her ass and sucking on her tits. I grabbed her tits as she moaned my name and she came again.

"Ive been waiting for this night. We fucked either 7 or 8 times after that and she broke off her engagement and then took a new job in another state. I guess I should have let her think about it like I have done later in life with other girls, but not this time. She said she wanted to lick my cum off her big tits and that was enough.


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mature sexy womenWho was going to interrupt me there? On a couple of occasions, I was nearly caught in the act, and I decided that I needed a safe space for me to jack off without anyone around. I would stand under the same tree (an large Oak, if you were wondering), take off all my clothes and stroke my cock for hours on end until I couldn’t anymore, jizzing on the trees like it was sap coming from the bark.

So the woods became my new jack off place; and boy, hotolderwomen was a lot of cum unloaded there. I mature women thought long and hard (pun unintended) mature women of where I could go, and I decided that the woods at the top of my road would be perfect. Initially, I ignored it and continued to stroke my cock. This became my routine every Tuesday, for about three weeks. It wasn’t until I opened my eyes again that I saw what had made the old naked woman noise.

I don’t think will come as much of a surprise to you, but when I went through puberty (around 18, late bloomer here), my horny levels went mature women through the roof. I needed to jerk my cock multiple mature women times during the day, and I was way too shy to find a girlfriend to do it for me/do it for her. It was probably a bird or something. I almost had a heart attack, and fell backwards onto my arse, trying to hide my raging hard on.

On one of these Tuesdays, which was like any other with me being butt naked, I was spanking the monkey when I heard a rustling behind me. She laughed at my poor attempts at modesty, and helped me get back to my feet. At a guess, she was in her early twenties, 5’5 (? ) short brown hair and had nice perky tits.

"Oh yeah, I’m just a hippy that’s enjoying nature? Someone had come from behind me, and stood in front of me, watching me jerk. "
I didn’t know how to respond. "
She laughed again, and held my dick in her hand, and began to stroke it. Shit, how was I going to get out of this situation?

I attempted to apologise to her, but she placed her finger against my lips, and moved my hands from my cock, revealing it to her. She looked into my eyes, and began to kiss me. I was inexperienced with anything physical to do with a woman, and let her take control of the situation. " Fuck my brain failed me that time. What the fuck was happening?

I pulled down her panties, and I saw one of the best looking pussies I’ve ever seen. She was looked incredibly tight and started to drip onto the floor. She unbuttoned her shirt, and threw it to the floor on top of my clothes.

It was probably the worst pussy lickings she had ever experienced (my technique was shit), but she must have been horny enough to squirt into amateur mature post my mouth, causing me to gag on her drool. I didn’t have time to look at it in awe before she guided me towards her wetness.

I pushed her hand away, and dropped to my knees. She ran her other hand across my chest, and caressed my nipples. I was hard as fuck at this point, and was probably going to bust if she carried on jerking me. She made out with me one last time, before she redressed herself, offering a final sentence before she left. After her orgasm had subsided, she returned the favour to me, and it wasn’t long until I came on her chest.

I unbuckled her pants like I had seen in many a porn video, and let her jeans slide down her legs.


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Nick gets out and walk around to her door. There are no other houses visible. Nods to Nick and then climbs on his Harley. A number of small to medium trees fill the very deep front yard. He opens it and takes the chain in his hands.

She spins and climbs out. Roaring down the drive. Certainly not a mansion but fairly large. The house is two stories. She sees cameras and little sensors in various spots. A circle of wide couch around a central umm table. Black leather old mature women naked and touches of silver. Which gets a lot better when he stops to take off the cuffs. The car slows and then goes up a long driveway.

"Through that door is a shower. Come back out naked and not wrapped in a towel. Wait for me on the couch. Disarming a complex looking security system. "
"Sir will do for now. It is very quiet as he leads her inside. " he says as he waves towards the door.

Angel feel fear touch her again. She finds a small black and gold marble shower in a bathroom. Filled with everything she needs. This room was for girls even if it was not decorated that way. He goes another direction. " He orders in a mild voice.

Somehow she knows none of them are still around. And judging by the mix of shampoos alone more than a couple of them. The place feels unused. He takes her panties too. Wearing a light long black robe loosely tied. She looks carefully and does not find anything specifically for a man in here.

Still a little damp despite all her efforts. Hot shower and a lot of scrubbing later she goes and lays down naked on the couch. A little chilly but happy. "
She looks at him and it and moves to climb up. Get up on the platform for me. "Still happy to be here? Nick looks at her for a while. You probably wish you had bigger breasts but I think they are lovely and fit you.

You do have a little more bottom than matches the rest of your frame but that is very much a plus. " he asks as he nears the couch. So she selects the best of the lot and gets to hot mature women work. He was dead right about that one. "
She has been blushing a bit. He takes a seat on the couch.

" she is feeling uncertain. I am happy to play with you tonight. Pushing out her chest without even realizing it. "
She looks a touch confused, "Then how do I get back here? Moving to the center and sitting down. Are you going to give me your, or his, number? What he said although somewhat clinical was still very nice to hear.

"It would be easy to guess lower. Tomorrow John will pick you up and take you home. "
He shakes his head. "
Nick rolls his eyes. Someone who does not care about friends or hobbies. Someone who does not wish to have a life outside of me. I don't wish to be tolerant, or understanding, or even nice.

His voice changes just a little. Makes me less to tolerate something I loathe. But it is like a weight on me. I hate things in my way. She is still sitting with her hands on her knees. The robe tie has come loose and he has nothing on under it. "
"Because I don't want a girlfriend and I doubt you want to be what I do want.

Up onto the platform. She finds a certain spark of defiance, "And what do I get out of this? His hair swirling across his face at times. "
He stands and moves to the edge of the platform. Hand curled into a claw he first touches her shoulder and then draws his nails down her back.

He goes on all fours and craws around the outer edge slowly. It is a very strong sweep. Just out of arm's reach. "
He comes around the front again at the outer edge. "
He is behind her turning to angle closer. Take away a whole lot of your mature women free porn will. But you will have some freedom. More creative and sadistic than you can imagine.

Moving a little closer. Now he is offering far more to her. I do not wish to lose your personality only mold it to suit me. Sitting up on his knees he looks her in the eyes. And yes a big part of her wants to say no. Humiliate you so badly you may pass out from the blush. She is not stupid or overly gullible.

This has reached the point of crazy. Quite the contrary most who know her would call her very strong willed. Then she thinks of the empty nights. Romances that flare and fail. You cannot even begin to make a decision of this magnitude in a slightly buzzed moment. "
Angel realizes that he started out just saying fuck for the night and then go. A few will tell of emotional scars she inflicted in past quarrels and urge caution.

Relationships that are more deal than love just so she would not be alone for a while. She is not a foolish girl. There is just something about him. " it comes out in bits and pieces. The memory of him being cuddly back at the bar makes her sigh ever so softly. is that what I am supposed to say? What does her life have to offer but more of the same?

This is dangerous but it is not crazy. Only a couple of feet between their eyes. You were wonderful at that. I really did not want to do this with you. Late morning when you wake up you will have two choices. Ok I got carried away in the bar but I like to show off. Damn she cannot believe how good that feels. Just that simple touch and she is starting to melt again.

I will tell you the words then if you still want to say them. Being basically on display should probably bother her but she likes it. "
He shuffles much closer. Angel has been sitting here feeling horny the whole time. Likes that a whole damn lot.

She likes the look in his eyes when he looks at her. Either call the number by the phone and go home. There is a long deep kiss. His arms go around her. Nick moves and she finds herself being turned around. "You are delicate and lovely.

His hand is running down her arm. Maybe time stops along the way maybe not. Even when he finally pulls back her lips keep pulsing. Her long body extending out in front of him. When she feels his cock nuzzling against her pussy she wiggles her ass a little to entice him. More than he would expect. His desire for her is powerful. Enough to worry him a little to be honest.

This from his darker side. Her face is slowly pushed down against the cool leather. "Put your arms straight out above your head. Hands on her hips he just slowly starts to fuck her. Driving deeply into her. Good advice and he takes it.

Not being fancy in the least. Not super slow but a very easy pace. Her ass against his crotch as soon as she has turned. It was very soft but had just a perfect shape. Nick sighs a little as he presses fully against her. "ooooooooohohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssssssssssss" from her in a long breathy sigh.

Not thinking just feeling. So much pent up passion it is already starting to drip out of her. His hands roaming over her pert ass. It builds and then she is smacking back hard against him and panting hard. Letting everything go to see what happens. Angel just lets herself fall into it. He gives her a little more cock as she peaks but he does not let it get him.

"Cummmmmminnnnnnngggggggg. Enjoying the feel of her. Almost grey and so light. He does pick up the pace though so even as she comes back down and throws her head from side to side to be able to look back he does not stop. " she moans long and low. Right now they are filled with raw almost violent lust.

She gets some good solid thrusts into her in response and the wicked little smile is very nice. When his hands slide up under her body to pinch her hard nipples she shudders and cums. With a little shift he discovers she does have a gspot.

She is nicely responsive. They seem to grab at him demanding. Nick is enjoying this. Her whole body shudders. Suddenly it is like fucking the ocean. " He drives against her hard. Dripping onto the leather. At just the right angle. or explode completely. His response is hard grip on her hips and really hard slamming into her.

Angel feels like she is going to melt. Cock making very obscene wet sounds. nothing has ever felt like this. Clenching her ass and thighs. "ooooohhhhhh fuuuukkk. Nobody has ever done anything like this to her. So he fucks her a little more. Trying not to be distracted by the pools forming around her knees.

Difficult because the spasms are still rippling through her pussy and body. He loves the wet mess she has become. But she tries mature women free porn hard to clamp down on him. Fingers running along her thighs and crotch. Putting those rude exercises to use to grab his dick as hard as she can.

Her head comes up and there is a very sincere whimper at the loss of that hardness from inside of her. It takes a little while for the words to makes sense. Without a word she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. Nick settles down in front of her. When he touches the head of his cock to her little pink tongue she can taste herself. Spreading and playing with the cum leaking out of her.

But when he pulls back with a long wet slurp. He comes around and gathers up her long light brown hair. Angel locks her lips around it and licks at it. Only the first couple of inches but it is a thick cock and feels like it fills her mouth completely. The girl may be young but she knows more than most.

"You are a sweet little girl. Slippery cock going across her lips. She keeps the friction going working the underside just below the head as hard as she can. " he says as he watches his shaft and her mouth. When he tightens his grip on her hair she winces but that is lost in the movement of his hips. Knows it is about to happen.

He takes a very deep breath. She has sucked off almost all of her own juices now she works to drink his. He does not pull back or stop. Nick pushes forward and his wet hard length slides a little into her mouth. She holds onto his cock for as long as she can.

Even coming up a little off the platform. The first spray is long. Letting out in a groan she can feel the ripple along his skin. But she gets up onto all fours and moves across the platform and down onto the couch. He puts her on her back with her head on his thigh. The grip on her hair making it hurt but she does not care.

A little slowly since she has been in this position for a while. " She starts and stops. Extending forward as he goes back. Hand idly moving across her body. Nick moves back off the platform and onto the couch. They are small but firm enough to stand out even when she is on her back.

He smiles and brings his hand up to one rounded breast. "Will you tell me what you are going to do with me? "I will rearrange your life so it can match mine as much as possible. The ones you respond to we will make a normal part of our time. There is a whole range of things I like to do. " she completes the question. It confirms the power I have over you.

The nipple is nicely long. His fingers wrap around it caressing gently. I am sadistic and a completely self-centered son of a bitch but I do have a heart. "
She purrs softly as his hand moves to her other breast. "Beyond that I like games. I will make you do things you do not wish to. Stuff you really hate we won't do much if at all. But I want you to want the things I do.

Or a pet with a cage to sleep in. Perhaps you will be a chained slave for a while. You will be a number of different people. One night you might be a sexbot with no emotions at all just a need to mature women pics serve. There are a lot of situations, circumstances, or relationships we can explore.

As my mood shifts we will move to something new. "
"I have done a little acting. A little scared when he mentions the cage. "We don't just play at these things. Talk like I am a teen and tell you how naughty I have been? "
She is nodding a little. " she asks sounding very eager. So you mean you like want me to come home in a little catholic schoolgirl outfit?

Morning, noon and night. "Yes I will and that is exactly right. He is playing with her hair. "
"I like that a lot sir. I have a fondness for dirty daughters I think you will be exceptional at that. The contrasts of this man are so striking. But it also means living that way. "
Angel is ready to just melt into the couch right now.

"We will take some risks. There can be public fun and I am remarkably careful about such things. It is so personal and so sweet. Like me scooping you off a city street into a van. Play out a little kidnapping and some other rough scenarios. The idea of being kidnapped made her shiver pleasantly.

She has always had a lot of fantasies. His playing with her had moved south. Twirling a lock of it between his fingers. I don't like my play interrupted by others so I don't let them notice. The gentle stroke along her damp lips filled her with his insanely cuddly warmth.

The girl is just eating this all up. I feel like I have been looking for you my whole life without knowing it. I have never felt so safe. But if you don't do more I know I will die. " she says with passion. Spreading her legs more. What I did so willingly for you frightens me.

"You have only begun to be be scared. "
"They say that too. " he says somewhat regretfully. " she says more groan than words. His hand grab at her and she gets pulled across his lap ass up. " he asks as his fingers sink into her. You are the most terrifying man I have ever met. If you are a toy then you are a toy.

And I won't hold back. Trying not to but her feet kick the couch a little. His hand comes down on her ass. For a time that seems endless he really smacks her hard. Good sharp solid stings. Spanking her as if in anger. There is a lot of whimpering though. She breaths deep but keeps still.

Nipples so hard they ache. She is stunned to realize it but even at this moment she wants him more than ever. When he shifts and his hands touch her ass she groans. When he stops she is crying softly. She is crying out now. When he hands turn her there is no resistance at all.

When his fingers hit the tight ring of her backdoor her eyes slam open. Fingers go from her now drippy crotch and up. His touch sends ripples of pain up her back and down her legs. Angel ends up straddling his lap facing away from him.

She is far more sensitive at this moment. When the wide head of his cock slides past his fingers she does sigh. It hurts more than it should. Yes it hurts but still she is glad to have him inside of her again. She tries to stay still. Hands holding her tight and controlling every move. More than one sliding deep inside her quivering bottom.

Her skin is on fire too. For a while he just slowly fucks her. Gripping tight but not clawing into him. Working her ass first all the way down onto his crotch and then working it higher. Enjoying the control over her. Body involuntary pushing against his fingers. When he starts her moving in a short slow rhythm and brings one hand down to her crotch.

He chuckles softly and lets a couple of fingers slide in and out of her for a while. Angel realizes something about him. In the end yes but that is not it at all. He fucks her to fuck her. When he strokes across her wetness the sigh is no less than epic from her. Such a simple thing but it fills a need that seems to be growing.

To be in the moment of it. She has stopped crying. Nick does not fuck her to get himself off. He had made the taking of her into a long sexual dance. To make the doing of it as long as he can. Half of it all in scary shadows. But she loves the shivers those produce every bit as much as she loves the passionate pangs. His hand comes up a bit. He starts rubbing her clit and she just loses it.

She is moaning hard and the climax rips through her. To live in the world defined by the most primal of rules as much as possible. Not only does she start to cum but she starts to fuck back against him. To show him she could maybe. The contractions of her ring grabbing his cock and milking it.

But what is really driving her is the desire to make him cum. " he says with appreciation in his voice. He cums hard and thrusting. To take that power for just a second perhaps. Smacking into her butt and grinding deep. She collapses down between his legs.

He slumps back keeping one hand on her as so she won't move. Grabbing her ass and making her scream a little from the fire. He points her towards the kitchen with a list of food and drinks to grab. Life gets a little normal for a bit. They breathe for a while. She goes to find a nicely stocked and clean room. Doing a little prep on the cheese to show off before bringing it all back on a tray.

And fucking hell that sends spikes of pleasure through her too. Mostly it is him asking her questions. Then back to a little different than normal. He points her to the showers and tells her where the bedroom is. A life spills out in her mind.

When she comes into the big room he is still in his bathroom. They eat and talk a little. There is a bathtub attached to the bedroom at the end of the hall. When he walks out he is still naked. Angel is uncertain what to do. Learning a little about her life. Any particular reason? If it is acceptable for me to ask. If you cannot respect something as simple as that then more seems unlikely.

He moves to the bed and they end up in it. She crawls onto it to wait. "The number is by the phone. Her head on his shoulder. "It has been a fucking wonderful night. "
"Isn't that my choice? Unless you don't want me. One finger goes under her chin to tip it so she looks at him. "
He shifts his head to look at her.

"You should use it. If you should disappoint me. The kind of fear that freezes your heart. The kind that will haunt you. If your attention should wander. And yes he does scare her. I see it in your eyes. "
She does maybe pale just a touch. And if you become disloyal. that fear that makes you shiver will become something else. I will walk away before that happens.

His hand slowly caresses her head as they drift off. The next morning 10:14 am. "It has been a good night. As Angel makes his tea she is humming softly. " she says with conviction. She had walked the house a little. She would not walk away. But it was never in doubt.

She had woken up from a dream. "If you do you will be the first. Just never met a man that seemed strong enough to take it. Turns out she was looking for the wrong kind of guy entirely. Little ripples run through her body. I will never let you down. Although exactly what 'sort' of guy Nick was she could not really put a label on. Walking upstairs carefully with the tea she feels a little nervous.

She had always known how submissive she could be. She sits it down on the table and sits down on the bed. Moving up next to him. " the words have a power she can feel. You may call me Master. "I accept you as my submissive. With a big beaming smile she says. His arm curls around her. This was too good to let go of.


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