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For her entire time at college, Bailey made extra money by being a model for the art classes. As I was zipping myself back up, Bailey turned on me, grabbed my face, and planted one hell of a kiss right on me, moaning into my mouth. As luck would have it, that just happened to be her next appointment.

I grinned like an idiot and left about a minute later. A short walk across the quad and we were at the small art building. While she was gone, the professor and I chit-chatted about how I'd wanted to go into illustration once upon a time, and she invited me to sit in on the class. "I can feel you dripping out of me," she whispered in my ear before leaving.

As some of you may know, that involves being naked most of the time. Bailey introduced me as 'the boyfriend' and went to change, or rather strip and put on a robe. She nonchalantly dropped her robe and stepped up on the table in the center of the room, striking a few poses a minute for warm up sketches.

She required very little instruction, and was obviously completely comfortable. We hurriedly collected ourselves, replacing the few garments that we'd bothered to dishevel. The fact that this incredible sex goddess, who I had literally just fucked to a nearly screaming orgasm, was now posing nude in front of two dozen people sent my mind reeling.

I, on the other hand, was doing mental back flips. I couldn't help but wonder if any of the front row could see a drop of my cum rolling down the inside of her thigh, or the slick sheen of her juices coating her shaved lips. After a few minutes of moving around, the professor had her sit down so that on leg was bent up and the other to her side, then draped the cloth covering the table over her shoulder.

Five minutes later, Bailey came back into the studio and I took a seat in the back of the class. cloth, and creating continual depth along her legs. By this point she'd been doing this for a year and it showed. The pose created some complex challenges, like differentiating skin vs. It also added the perk of showing off her slit to a few select people.

I was slightly to her left, so her thigh was blocking my view. Just a few lucky students in the front row, right in the center would be able to see every inch of her incredible pussy. Had she cleaned up and put her mind to the task, making her lips tight and beautifully compact? I mused that when she got up, the cloth under her might have a wet spot from our combined juices.

Was she still aroused, now spread open and glistening? I definitely noticed a few looks from customers as I met her at the front of the shop. Would they be professional enough to study the incredible cunt that I'd just fucked, slick, open, and wanting more?

I had to wonder what she looked like. Sadly, I wasn't one of them. The class was three hours long, and she was asked to change her pose twice an hour. I kept pace pretty well for having not drawn professionally in a few years, but the entire time my mind was on Bailey, and not in an academic way. When the professor called the class to an end, it was a massive relief. After a few minutes went by, my conversation with the professor started to get strained.

Bailey casually re-robed herself and left to get dressed again. Would they unknowingly sketch my cum oozing out of her? Those on her right would be blocked by the draped cloth over her shoulder. Better yet, I thought, would the students draw her slick lips? Just before I reached the door though, I heard my name being whispered from behind me.

Bailey still hadn't come back, so I made an excuse to go make sure she was okay. I took a cursory glance behind me to check that no students were about to leave, but the classroom was pretty much empty by this point. I turned to see Bailey peaking out from a door.

On the other side of the door was a small closet, sparsely filled with shelves and supplies. Of course, I had no idea beautiful nude mature women where I was going, so I took to just walking the halls. Only her face was visible, and she was wearing a huge grin. With that, I hurried over to the door and hopped in. I didn't pay much attention to that, though, as Bailey was completely naked, her cloths still folded on a nearby chair and her robe pooled at her feet.

Meanwhile, the professor took an interest in how I'd done, commenting on technique and how I'd progressed from the beginning of the class. I groaned, threading my fingers through her hair. "I couldn't focus at all," I said, "all I could think about was my cum leaking out of you in front of everyone. Her hands dropped to my pants, frantically undoing them as she struggled to keep kissing me.

In the end, it wasn't that large a building and I found myself circling back to the art room. "That was so fucking hot! " she whispered as she pulled my cock out, quickly dropping to her knees to shove it down her throat. I quickly sat down, then guided her to straddle me.

My eyes rolled back into my head and I chuckled as she took me back in for a few quick bobs. "I felt it drip out at least twice. Without a word, she guided my cock into her and sank all the way down. While she clung to me, nibbling and biting my neck, I started to rock her back and forth on my lap, feeling her wetness almost immediately coat my thighs.

"It did," she grinned mischievously, now kissing up mature women nudes and down my length, her tongue making contact with every full kiss. She let groaned loudly, only half muffling it in my neck. Her sweet smell filled the room and drove me crazy.

I remember the small closet, really no bigger than a department store changing room, smelled intensely like sex in no time. "Come here," she whispered, shoving all of her cloths off of the chair, not caring that they landed in a messy pile on the floor. "
"Did it turn you on to know that everyone knew you'd just been fucked?

She leaped on me as soon as the door was closed, wrapping her arms around my neck and shoving her tongue into my mouth. " Her grip tightened on me,"That I'd just made you cum all over my cock? " she whispered into my ear, digging her nails into my scalp.

She was gasping with every shift of my cock inside of her, then quicker and quicker until she was just frantically panting, clutching me as tight as she could. In no time, she started to bounce up and down my whole length, quickly working up to slamming herself down on me. It was actually an act of self preservation, but I shot a hand over her mouth.

" she finally screamed. Her eyes rolled back into her head, the extra sensation of having her own cum smeared over her mouth mid orgasm taking her to new heights. Her whole body shuddered around me, gripping me tighter and tighter. The one that had been nude adult mature women fingering her clit, now covered in her own juices. I slipped a hand between us and began rolling her clit with my middle finger, making her seize.

Her hips were flying frantically now. " I asked, raising an eyebrow. " she finally said, still lazily rocking on my lap. She smirked, feigning embarrassment. "
I couldn't help but smile. "
She bit her lip, taking a second for an internal debate before finally standing up off of me.

As she started to come down, shivering around my length, her tongue slipped out to lick my fingers clean, eventually just taking them into her mouth. I don't know, there weren't many students, but we should probably get going just in case.

"You made me do it, so yeah, us. I mused that half of my stomach and thighs were also drenched, but I wasn't going to ask for a tongue bath. As I was about to sexy old woman get up, one of her hands pushed me back into the chair and her head dipped down into my lap, taking as much porn pics of older women my cock, covered in her own cum, into her mouth as she could.

"Did you like showing off your freshly fucked pussy? She sucked the top clean, then licked further down where she hadn't reached. "Think mature women anyone heard us? "I didn't get any of your cum," she said once she was satisfied.


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